deník mojí kočky

What to do with all the photos of your cat which you have in your phone? Create her a diary! Have fun, document memories of your fluffball and share them with your friends. Don’t let your cat wait and get aher Deník mojí Kočky today! 😉
Meow, I want that!  

what is deník mojí kočky about?


Create a cute album full of cat memories.


Remember the good times spent with your cat.


We donate 5 CZK from each book to a Prague cat shelter Šanta kočičí.

me, the cat

“When I see a box, I can’t help it – I try to fit in.”

  • Record the life of your cat on 80 pages.
  • Stick, write, draw. What did Bobina fetch from the table? What weird habbits has she made?
  • “I try to help my servants as much as I can. That’s why even I write on the keyboard.”
Deník mojí Kočky - Cute cat lying on a table.
A girl holding a cute cat. Deník mojí Kočky.

Stored for 9 lives

11 out of 10 cats recomment Deník mojí Kočky.

  • How did the first meeting with snow go? What happened at the vet?
  • We use quality materials – you can be sure the pages won’t fall out. Remember the good times forever.
Deník mojí Kočky - Create your cat's diary!For both kittens and older cats
Deník mojí Kočky - Create your cat's diary!Gift for everybody – for your daughter, boyfriend, friend, grandma, neighbour or just for yourself 🙂
Deník mojí Kočky - Create your cat's diary!Buy 3 books and get 1 free!
what’s inside?
what’s inside?
our love challenges ok? ok? ok?

Photos taken by our customers

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We’re thrilled! Finally we can document the life of our cat Lůďa. (You can see her in the photos above :D)

– Authors Kamča and Vítek

If our cat was human, she would be a Hollywood star. Thanks to Deník mojí Kočky we can document her actor and stunt perforemances.

– Ondra

I got a new kitten and then discovered this book. Now I can show my friends what we’ve experienced together with Bobina (although peeing the on carpet was not nice of you!)

– Kíťa

Deník mojí Kočky - Create your cat's diary!

3+1 Free. (Give a copy to your neighbour ;))

Deník mojí Kočky - Create your cat's diary!

Delivered within 4 business days.

Deník mojí Kočky - Create your cat's diary!

More than 9000 happy customers. Become one of them!

Deník mojí Kočky - Create your cat's diary!

30-day money back guarantee

a few numbers and letters

Number of pages80 (7 in color)
DimensionsC5 landscape (235 x 168 mm)
Price inc. VAT349 CZK